Welcome to The Code

THE online brotherhood for the development of MEN

What is this group?

The Code is a community of men dedicated to living a life of Character by expanding their potential, learning, teaching, connecting, and holding each other accountable along this journey of life.

Why Should You Join The Code

You're tired of the current offering of "men's groups". Groups that either don't challenge you at all, or tell you to "man up" as the solution to every problem. You're looking to surround yourself with men who don't have it all figured out, but are dedicated to trying until they draw their last breath. You're looking to mentor others, or find a mentor.

We All Lead

This group was created as a compliment to our free Facebook group, Code of Character. The Code is designed to move past connection and focus on developing men to become the leaders they are capable of becoming. It is community driven, encouraging co-leadership among every single member. I'm honored you've read this far, join us when you are ready to step up.

Featured Coaches

We will host over 6 group coaching sessions every month from a different coach with a different perspective. We will be covering all the essential areas of a man's life, mind, body, and spirit.

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